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Image of <small>Latest Release:</small> Inklings

Latest Release: Inklings

A roll-and-write game created for the GenCant 2019 Game Design Challenge.

In Inklings, players control a set of 3 Inklings—little critters that scurry across the surface of polyhedral dice—as they attempt to fill in (or “ink”) a fresh set of dice for a new player. The roll of three dice determines where these Inklings can travel, but be careful: each time your Inklings cannot move, one will be lost!

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Mobile apps and services for board game fans, cafés, pubs, and events.

The free BoxBot app improves upon the process of discovering games at gaming venues, while the platform provides valuable data to venue owners and game publishers.

Image of Project S.T.O.R.C.

Project S.T.O.R.C.

A frantic, brain-burning Press Your Luck dice game with randomized challenges about trying to interpret messages from the Gods.

Classic mechanics with a twist: age-old patterns like Straights and Of-A-Kinds collide with an original take on the three-reroll dice game to produce a title both immediately familiar yet devilishly challenging.

Image of Turbo Hoverball

Turbo Hoverball

The synthwave, roller derby, hockey-on-hoverboards mashup that never happened.

Turbo Hoverball is a game of simultaneous strategy and thrilling tactics, as two teams go head-to-head to drive their four-space Hoverboards across the much larger, 179-space Arena. This original take on grid movement is immediately engaging for new players, yet provides a new flavor of challenge for more experienced gamers.

Image of Philosopher's Throne

Philosopher's Throne

Digitally enhanced game in early development. Players attempt to deduce a secret rule chosen and enforced by a phone app.

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